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The Official David & Goliath Men’s Hoodies

Welcome to the AU's largest supplier of David and Goliath men’s hoodies! At Lavonstore we understand the importance of owning a good hoody, offering you comfort and style our David & Goliath men’s hoodies easily add a touch of on-trend urban attitude to your wardrobe. We have a wide range hoodies with all your favourite slogans and humorous graphics, such as ‘Grumposaur’, ‘Moose Stache’ and ‘I’m Not a Morning Person’, that are sure to turn heads. So, rock a David & Goliath hoody and bring comfort together with style. If you are in the AU and you spend more than $40 with us there is no delivery cost, plus we can ship to Europe and Internationally for just $5 per delivery.

Keeping you cosy, our David and Goliath men’s hoodies do just the trick! With David & Goliath hoodies you can keep warm, create your own unique style and add a touch of colour to your wardrobe. Step away from the dull navy, black and grey ‘hoody crowd’ because nobody wants to blend into the background, instead be a trend trailblazer and bring hoodies up to date!

How to Veg-Out in David and Goliath Men’s Hoodies

Nothing gives you the casual look better than a hoody, and David and Goliath men’s hoodies incorporate both comfort and fashion. Everybody loves a casual day, or a ‘veg-out day’ as we like to call it, because sometimes you just can’t be bothered to move, and on these days a hoody is calling! We believe that there are 5 important things that you need for the perfect veg day:

  1. An enormous meat feast pizza
  2. A big bottle of pop
  3. Your favourite console game
  4. Chips n’ Dips
  5. A big comfy hoody

With all of these five things you’re set to have the best veg day ever! Ps. can we come over, we’ll bring the dips?

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